2020 Conservation in Action Tour

Making Conservation Stick
Kenny and Kay Vollmer, Ryan Sanders and Carrie Vollmer-Sanders are making conservation a multi-generational commitment on the family's operation near Edon, Ohio. In a way, the family has been coming full-circle with its farming practices, reintroducing diversity through cover crops to achieve what generations before had accomplished through more varied crop rotations.
The following video is a conversation with the Vollmer and Sanders families, along with their crop adviser, Clint Nester, CCA. This video was featured in the American Society of Agronomy's Sustainable Agronomy Conference on August 20, 2020.
Cover Crop Lessons
Over the years, the Vollmer and Sanders families have learned valuable lessons about making cover crops work on their fields. Watch the video below for their insights.

No-Till: Worth the Wait
Learning to no-till the cool, heavy soils of the Western Lake Erie Basin can be frustrating, but Kenny Vollmer and Clint Nester describe how the challenge has been worth the wait.

Inspiration from Off the Farm
Both Ryan and Carrie work off the farm, too, and find that visiting other operations has provided inspiration and ideas for conservation systems at home. Hear how.

Crop Diversity
The future of the Vollmers/Sanders farm is diversity, say Ryan and Carrie, even though there's currently not much diversity in the local market. Hear their visions of what will be happening 20 years from now on their operation.

Join Us in 2021!
Carrie says CTIC's Conservation in Action Tour program—which she started attending in 2011—is "the Cadillac of tours." Hear why...and join us in 2021 in California's Sacramento and Napa valleys when we bring Conservation in Action back to the field!